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Bomas of Kenya was established in 1971 with an aim of promoting and preserving Kenya's diverse cultures. It offers visitors an opportunity to experience diverse culture and values through dances and traditional performance by entertainers from different tribes. The word Boma means homestead in Swahili.Bomas of Kenya has a lot to offer like the Taarabu music, vigorous Embu drumming and the Kalenjin warrior.
The cultural center has 22 traditional villages, each of which represents one of Kenya's major ethnic groups and its built in original ancestral architecture.Bomas of Kenya is the boiling pot of Kenya's diverse cultures and a must visit to all visitors.

It is situated 10km from Nairobi city center.

At Bomas, different aspects of Kenyan culture are displayed including arts, crafts, music and dancing.

In a nation so rich in culture but whose heritage is threatened by modernity, celebrating culture the only way to safeguard it.

Bomas of Kenya has a series of cultural shows that promote Kenya's rich cultural diversity.

The popular center brings Kenyans together from diverse cultural backgrounds in the display of music, theatre, drama, fashion show, comedies, seminars, exhibitions and sports.

Bomas of Kenya also aims in preserving, maintaining and promoting rich and diverse cultural values of various communities.

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