Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park, one of Kenya's oldest park, is located near the Kenya and Tanzania border, "in the shadow" of Africa's highest mountain, the snow capped Kilimanjaro.

The park is known for its wildlife, especially it's prolific elephant population. Amboseli also hosts the big cats, herbivores and numerous bird species including flamingo and a variety of plains game.

The park is also famous for its dramatic scenery and open plains plus its stunning view of the vast mountain. Two springs provide year-round water - befitting the Maasai meaning of Amboseli, 'Place of Water'
Information on Amboseli
Area : 390sq km Average Altitude: 1155m [ 3790 ft ]

Access from Nairobi : Road : 250kms ( 4.5 to 5 hours )

Location : South East Kenya, bordering Tanzania.

Animals : Numerous including Lion, Leopard, cheetah , elephants, hyenas, jackals and buffalo.

Vegetation : Grassland savannah, limited swampy areas lined with forest shrubs.

Birds : Numerous including flamingoes.

Facilities : 3 lodges, 2 tented camps and several budget camping sites.

Attractions: Spectacular view of Africas highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, during clear skies and game viewing especially Amboseli's elephant population.

Amboseli is a popular safari destination because of it's rich wildlife , natural beauty, and easy access with most of the journey being on tarmac roads, all the way to Namanga. It is also particularly famous for seeing herds of elephants and has been a research station for these intelligent and gentle beasts.
Accommodation in Amboseli
Accommodation in Amboseli There are several accomodation options in Amboseli. There are 3 quality safari lodges, the Amboseli Serena, Ol Tukai Lodge and Amboseli Sopa. There is also a luxury tented camp, the Tortillis Camp, and another camp, the mid prized Kibo Camp.

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Safaris in Amboseli (3 Day Amboseli Safari)
An exciting safari takes you through the Masai country towards the Amboseli Game Reserve, with a 2 nights stay at the lodge in the National Park known for its spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro and a host of wildlife species that reside within the park...

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